‘Sudhahara’ is another name for mythological bird Garuda who was the mount or the vehicle (Vahana) of Vishnu. He is credited with many valorous deeds and the scriptures, sculptures and iconography depicts Garuda as a bird belonging to Raptor species.

Although my initial intention was to display only the birds on this website I realized that my first interest in Photography had no boundaries. I started using my father’s Kodak Brownie in 1954; over the ensuing years I was equally happy photographing sunsets, animals, family and classmates during my medical college days. During my post-graduate days I took all the photographs for my thesis with my father’s Rolicord iV. My father had allowed me to use his cameras starting with the Kodak Brownie when I was seven years and later a Pentax with bellows. When I traveled abroad  to train In Cardiac Surgery I went through a few cameras like Olympus, Minolta etc, finally I settled on Cannons. As everybody else my subjects were friends, family and tourist places apart from transparencies related to my profession for lectures and presentations. It was an expensive hobby as the film had to be processed to yield the final product; a photograph or a slide.

My first digital camera, a Olympus Camedia and a personal computer opened a new vista in the mid nineties, I started experimenting with bird photography around my house from my balcony. Despite some good images, bird photography remained a part of my hobby till mid 2000 when I finished my sixty five orbits around the Sun. I realized that I had been practicing my profession as Cardiac Surgeon for the previous 35 years passionately and enjoyed it, and sometime in the future I will have to give up my profession either retire voluntarily or forced to retire due to age related issues. I am sure I could join various voluntary organizations or read, write, teach etc, may be for some of the time; I did not really fancy it. I needed to keep my hands busy, I love travelling, so while still continuing to perform Cardiac Surgery I am easing in to bird and travel photography so that I could devote more time to photography while I reduce my professional work load.

Somewhere along the way interest in capturing images lost its confines, I now enjoy capturing images,  animate and inanimate! The photographs in this website have been taken for pure pleasure of looking at, appreciate, and preserve the diversity of nature around us, hence some of the photographs may not have the stamp of approval of photography ‘pundits’!

Two points I would like to make are;  that except for a few night shots of Hong Kong all others were shot with a hand held camera without a tripod, and editing of the photographs was limited to cropping, adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation, no brush or layers were used.

The Home page Photograph "Angel"? is an accidental click that looks surreal!  

I still actively practice Cardiac Surgery in Bangalore with the same commitment  although not with the same work load


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